Wellness Wednesday: The Quarter Life Crisis

The quarter life crisis. It sounds made up, doesn't it?

The term is analogous to the mid-life crisis, however when we're in our twenties we don't have the money to cope with our crisis by purchasing a brand new motorcycle (that's how my dad decided to handle his mid-life crisis; my mother wasn't too happy).

The fact is when we're in our twenties we've been in school for the better part of two decades. During which, each step to take was clearly marked. And as graduation nears, those clearly marked steps start turning into various paths, and the choice is up to YOU about which one to take. How scary is that?! 

I always joke around with my mom and tell her that I wish someone else could make my really BIG life decisions for me. But that's not the case. It's my life, I will take it into my own hands. 

That's why the quarter life crisis is a real thing. When us twenty-somethings take our first steps into adulthood, we can and will freak out. During the quarter life crisis, it's common to feel lonely, sad, confused, lost, or scared. 

Adulthood comes with new responsibilities, expectations, and freedoms. We've also just realized that with adult life, comes boring routines and mundane tasks. This is an aspect to adult life no one ever warned us about. This is what can be the ultimate kicker to the quarter life crisis. 

But guess what? All of us twenty-somethings are in the same boat. 

The video below is an excerpt from a speech to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College by David Foster Wallace. He talks about the day-in, day-out blandness of adult life and shows you a new way to think about the tasks we consider to be the most meaningless. It's a truly eye-opening and truthful video that might just get you out of your quarter life crisis rut. 

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Be well, 

Lauren R.