Reasons I Love Being Spokester Part 1

If you read Friday's blog, you probably heard that we have officially started the search for our next Young & Free Maine Spokester. If you are 18-25 and haven't thought about applying yet, you should probably start thinking about it! I have probably one of the coolest jobs in Maine. I would say that I have the coolest job ever, but I heard there's a job called an ice cream taster, and let's face it...that would be epic. I decided that the next few blogs would be dedicated to letting you, the 18-25 year old who wants to be the next spokester, why I love my job and why you will love it if you get to take the reigns from me!

I Love Driving/Traveling!

Do you love traveling around and taking fun road trips? This is the job for you then. I have been all over Maine, and seen so many different places that I have never visited before. Before this position, I had never been further north of Houlton, and now I have been all the way to the northernmost town in the nation (Madawaska) and seen so much of Maine and all of its beauty. If you are someone who doesn't enjoy sitting in an office all day, you'll want my job. I am literally all over Maine in any given week. Don't believe me? I was in Biddeford on Friday, I went to South Paris today and later this week, I'll be in Standish. Talk about travel!

I find fun ways to cook and blog about it!

I am essentially allowed to blog on most anything I want (within reason) and one of my favorite days of the week has become Thursday. Why? Well, once a week I go to my kitchen and find tasty food to make. Most of the time the inspiration is from something I've eaten at a restaurant. Generally I try to cut the calorie intake and make the meal healthier. Sometimes it's not always possible. Maybe this Thursday I'll try and make this little dandy...a two foot hotdog!

What else do I love about my job? Well...tune in tomorrow! And check out our 2012 Spokester Search page...will you be the first entry?

Seth P.