Reasons I Love Being Spokester Part 2

Today is part two in the series of why I love being the Young & Free Maine Spokester. I wrote a little bit on my favorite aspects of the job yesterday, and today I am continuing the series. Why? Well, I'm giving up my job in a few months, and we're looking for the next person to take over. If you're spunky, outgoing and think you've got the chops, you should apply! Heck, nobody else has yet so you'd have a pretty good shot at getting the job! There's three weeks left so more people may apply, but you could be lucky number one. back to more reasons why I love my job!

No day is ever the same

I have a job that takes me literally everywhere in Maine. No day is ever the same. I have blogged about everything from credit unions in the community to ways to cook up bacon and make it even tastier. Seriously...I don't know if there is a job out there like this one. One day I will be taking it easy, sipping a cup of coffee and blogging about the financial struggles of the Gen Y generation and the next day I'll be out at an event talking to 18-25 year old men and women about those same topics. It's fun, it's unexpected and each day is an adventure. Some are crazier then others, but each day is loaded with awesome!

You get paid to be yourself

That's a novel concept isn't it? I get paid to be a goofy down to earth nut case! Okay, I may not be a nutcase, but seriously, how many places have you worked where you can actually be yourself and encouraged to let your personality show. I'm not saying that all other jobs are awful, but I'm allowed to be myself and not worry about what my employers will say.

I drive around a lime green car

Come on...why would you not want to drive around the greenest car in Maine? It took me a little while to get used to everyone staring at me as I passed their cars (or they passed me...because I ALWAYS follow the speed limit) but I honestly love driving around the Green Machine. It's probably one of the coolest perks to the job. I mean, come on...I get to drive around a company car. That's pretty rocking if you ask me!

What else do I love about my job? Tune in tomorrow! And seriously, go and check out our website and see how you could be Maine's next Young & Free spokester!

Will you be the first to apply?

Seth P.