Renters' Insurance: What Is It, and Why Bother?

If my mom told me to get renters' insurance, I'd probably ignore her suggestion (sorry Mom). 

Renters' insurance is as appealing as going to the dentist, or to any other appointment for that matter. It's just not fun. It's also a headache to think about, because that means you're thinking about more insurance. Insurance is expensive and it's for the emergency-situation-that-never-happens-to-me.


The emergency-situation-that-never-happens-to-me DOES happen. Just this year, my neighbors lost their entire mobile home because of a dryer fire. Who would ever expect that to happen? (By the way, I now clean out the lint in my dryer religiously, as you should too!) These unexpected things can and do happen. And renters' insurance can cover you.

Renters' insurance is basically a type of property insurance that covers the policy holder's belongings and liability within the rental property. If you're renting a single family home, apartment, condo, duplex, studio, loft, or town home...this applies to you! 

Renters' insurance really isn't as bad as it sounds. Think of it like an investment in protecting yourself and your precious stuff. I mean, what would be worse...losing all of your belongings, or cutting out one trip to Texas Roadhouse per month? (I admit, sacrificing those delicious rolls and cinnamon butter will be painful.) However, the $12 a month policy isn't a bad deal when it means that your stuff is covered. 

So, if you all need a little more info on renters' insurance, i.e. how and where to get it, check out any of the well-known insurance companies:  Allstate, Geico, State Farm, Esurance, you get the idea. Make sure to shop around and look at your options before making your choice! 

Take care!