Repair, Don't Replace

Hey everyone, Happy Monday! Sad news 10 days, my reign of Young & Free Maine Spokester will be up, and Kylie Keene will be taking over! While it's sad for me, I know Kylie is going to do a rocking job at representing Maine's credit unions. I'm excited to be on the other side of things and see how our newest Spokester will tackle the many financial issues of the 18-25 year old generation. It's going to be a treat, I'm sure! Okay, back to our normal blogging!

I'm sure we've all been there before where we're wearing an article of clothing, or sitting on furniture and realizing that there is a tear, or it's getting worn down and looks like it's time to buy newer stuff. Too often, there are easy fixes to broken things, but we decide to replace rather than repair. While it's nice to buy new things when we have the money, it's also nice to be able to save money if something breaks or needs a little TLC. Well, The lovely folks at Yahoo! Finance, wrote an article about things you can repair instead of replace. Here's a few that I found to be helpful.


I have, in the past, had belts that ended up being too large for me once I lost a fair amount of weight (side note...this job and traveling and eating has made me gain it Instead of going out and buying a brand new belt, it's easy to get a drill with a drill bit, and make some new holes in your belt to save you money. Believe me, putting a hole in your favorite belt is much lighter on the bank account than buying a brand new belt for yourself. If you own a purse and the handle is getting worn, don't replace it just yet, find a cobbler, or a friend who is good at sewing, and have mend and repair it instead. Not that I carry one around personally, but I know how expensive purses can be. Fixing your old one that you love is probably going to save you a lot more money than going and buying a new one.


Okay...there is definitely a time when couches and chairs have met their doom and need to be replaced, but if it's something as small as a tear in the fabric, consider reupholstering your furniture. Does your nice wooden chair have a lot of old scratches in it? Don't buy a new one, instead grab a sander and refinish it! We've done this at our house with our old rocking chairs, kitchen tables and dressers. Sure, it's a lot of work, but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


I won't go into great detail about certain things to replace, but if you have a nice pair of jeans that has a tear, patch it up instead of buying a new pair! Breaking in a good pair of jeans is worth its weight in gold. New jeans are just not as comfy! Also...if you undies get a tear in them...throw them out!

What are things you have repaired instead of replacing?

Seth P.