Road Trips, Money, and MOOSE! [VIDEO]

Recently, my sister and I took a road trip to Madawaska, you may have seen the first video. On our way up north, we found some good ways you can save money on your next road trip. We even saw a moose! 

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On Your Next Road Trip...

1. Make a free playlist before you leave, so you don't use up your data. Pop in an old CD! Or make a road trip playlist on your iPod. 

2. Pack your own water, coffee, and snacks. Stopping at gas stations kills the wallet! (It's those little things that add up...)

3. Share your ride. Don't ride alone if you don't have to. Making other people pay part of your gas helps. (Why does that sound so cruel?)

4. Find a FREE ATM! If you need cash, please don't use the one in the gas station that charges you $3 or $4 to withdraw money. Credit unions have a whole network of free ATMS!! Find the closest one to you! 

5. Drive like you're biking. Slow down for turns, and speed up slowly. Going the speed limit will save you gas money, is easier on your car, and hopefully will prevent you from getting any speeding tickets on your trip.

6. Fill your tank beforehand, and compare gas prices. Yes, there is a website where you can do that.

7. Pack light! Try not to bring a car load of unnecessary items...

8. Avoid toll roads! Use your phone apps to not only get you to your destination, but to help you find the cheapest route! 

Take care!