Saving Money Around the House

I recently have taken on the task of cleaning my whole apartment. I have been living alone since January, but in the next few weeks my cousin will be moving in. Rather than letting her deal with my amazingly dirty living areas, I decided I would be gracious and deep clean everything. It's been quite the experience so far, and I've only gotten through one and a half rooms. I have three and a half left to go. In going through everything I own and have purchased, I noticed that I have spent a lot of money on things that I could get for a much cheaper price. I have found that many people do the same thing based on the fact that they will get better quality items if they spend the extra money. This isn't always true. Here are a few items I found lurking around my house that you can find cheap and just as effective if you go generic.


I don't generally take medications unless I absolutely have to. I do however have a bottle of pain relievers at my house in case the headaches come or I injure myself playing soccer or tennis. Rather than buying the name brand pain medications like Advil or Tylenol, I bought regular generic Ibuprofen to help save myself a few bucks. Sure, it doesn't have a sweet coating on the outside like Advil does, but it saves a few dollars if you go generic. Same deal with heartburn. I have had daily heartburn since I was about 13, and I now take the generic brand of Prilosec OTC, Omeprezale. It saves me a few bucks each time, and a substantial amount of money each yeah. Also, rather than spending money on Tums or Rolaids at the house, I drink some baking soda water instead. Definitely not the most tasty cocktail, but it is the cheapest and fastest way I have found to get rid of heartburn.

Oral Care

To this day, I don't generally understand why we need toothbrushes that cost hundreds of dollars. I am not saying don't buy toothbrushes, but I am saying don't spend tons of money on them. I have never spent more than five bucks on my toothbrushes. Yes, I still have all of my teeth. I do make a point to go to the dentist once every six months if I can help it. Generally speaking your dentist will give you a toothbrush when you visit them, so you don't even have to pay money to get a new toothbrush. The same rule goes with floss. Buy generic brand floss instead of name brand. I have flossed with both generic and with name brand. Believe me, they both get the job done.

Cleaning Products

I started my cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen. I cannot tell you how many different varieties of cleaning products there are to choose from, and how much of a difference in price they all are. I saw differences of up to ten dollars in some cases. I ended up buying Pine Sol (mainly because I used to joke about having a crush on the Pine Sol Lady with my friends) and spend three dollars on a bottle. Guess what? It worked just fine. Don't spend money on countless different cleaning solutions for each room in the house. Most of them have the same basic ingredients and it doesn't make a huge difference. Sometimes what you have in your house already works as cleaning solutions. Did you know that the Tang orange drink is actually a great household cleaner? It's true, and it has no harsh chemicals. Plus, it's cheaper than most cleaning products. 

I'm sure throughout the years, I have bought many things for more money than I should have. I dare say you probably have too. Check here for a list of different things you can save money on around the house. 

What tips do you have for saving money around the house?

Seth P.