Seth: Young and Free Final Three!

The further I go into the Young and Free process, the more excited I get about potentially being the first spokesperson in Maine. Here I am, two weeks after applying for the position, and I am in the final three. If you had asked me three weeks ago what I would be doing today on a Monday afternoon, I highly doubt I would have anticipated working on getting the word out about Young and Free Maine. To be quite honest, I would have probably said I would be at Starbucks looking for jobs and chatting with some of the other customers. While I applied and put together my video and blog on my own, I wouldn’t have been here today if I hadn’t listened to my sister and mother. 

Two weeks ago I got a call from mom. It’s not out of the ordinary for my mom to call me, we chat with each other throughout the week, and many times she tells me about job opportunities around the Bangor area. While most of the time I smile and say something like “That’s great mom, I’ll check that out”, I rarely find a job that completely suits me, however, that day was different. Mom called me up and told me about Young and Free Maine, and how I would be a perfect candidate for the position. The bank had told my younger sister about the position, and said she would be a good candidate as well. She decided against applying but told mom, who told me. I went to the website, figuring it would be another dead end, but boy was I wrong. Immediately the position captured my attention, and I proceeded to call mom back with a thank you, and let her know I would be applying shortly. Without mom calling me, or my sister telling my mom about the opportunity,  I can safely say I would not be in the running today. 

I was applicant number six of eight on the website, and for a long time, there were no other applicants. I immediately liked my chances of being the top three. Let’s face it. If there are eight people who have applied and there are three finalists, I thought I had a good shot at getting a callback at the very least. In the last few days, the applicants started pouring in, and when all was said and done, there were 26 people in the mix for Maine’s next Young and Free spokesperson. Rather than get overly worried and stressing about the position, I decided to breathe (that’s what I like to tell people who are going through a stressful time. Don’t forget to breathe), and not worry. I was proud of the work I did and knew I couldn’t do anything more other than wait. Well, I ended up getting the email for the meet and greet, and the rest (pardon the cliché) is history. Here I am, ready to represent Maine as the first Young and Free spokesperson, and am excited to show what I can offer 18-25 year olds. 

Thanks Mom! (And Casie)