Boost Your Savings This Summer: Start Small, Save Big

As a kid, I liked the feeling of saving my money. Knowing that I had a stash of dollar bills and coins in my room gave me a feeling of satisfaction, like I was proud of myself for doing the right thing. Instead of spending my lemonade stand profits on toys and candy, I kept my money safe inside my jar.

Getting older, it’s not so easy to save every dollar. Growing up means more responsibility:  loans to repay, groceries to buy, rent checks to write.  But big savings start from somewhere.  If you have dreams to save up for something big, or if you want to build up a big savings, here are some small places to start! 

Idea #1:


Jars are good for loose change.  It's easy to discard those coins that weigh down your pockets and purses, but keep it!  When your jar fills up, ask your credit union for some change rolls and get rolling.  You will be surprised to see how that extra two, five, or ten dollars can bump up your account over time! 

Idea #2:

Open a savings account.  I learned that a savings account earns you more money per year in dividends than a checking account.  So, keep a lump of money in your savings account and start building.  Credit unions also offer different types of savings accounts.  For instance, the super share account allows you to earn more interest per year than just a regular savings account.  Plus, there are other accounts that allow you to save even more.  If you have a large sum of money that you know you won’t need for a while (like 6 - 12 months), you can ask about a certificate of deposit, which will yield higher earnings per year for you!  How easy is that?  Talk to your credit union about what accounts they offer!

Idea #3:

Track your costs and cut out what you don’t need (like eating out every two days).  To do this, you need only two things:  a debit card and online banking!    Online banking tracks where you spent your money over time.  Look at your statements and see where your paycheck is going.  Hint:  Mobile banking makes this SUPER easy!

I hope these tips from me were helpful, but I love hearing from you!  I want to gather a TON of creative savings tips for a future blog!  If you have any creative or fun ways to save, email me at OR post your comments below!  Keep living young and free!  

Your Spokester,