Smart Money Moves

Set yourself up for a successful financial future by making these money moves now.

Shop with a list

Whether it’s food, clothing, or household items, always go into a store with a list of what you need. Be as specific as you can by including relevant sizes, quantities and even which store you plan to purchase the item from. Keep the list running until your next shopping trip and reevaluate the items before you head to the store. Which things do you still need? Preplanning your shopping will help prevent impulse buys.

Plan your menus

Shopping with a list and planning your menus go hand in hand when trying to save money at the grocery store. Using weekly flyers and store coupons, build your lunch and dinner meals around what’s on sale and what you can get with a coupon.

Compare before you buy

Comparison shopping is the key to getting a great deal. The Internet has made comparison shopping easier than ever. Just search for the item you plan to purchase and seek out the best deal. You can also use price comparison apps like RedLaser to scan barcodes and find the best prices both online and locally.

Identify and eliminate unnecessary spending

Sometimes I just forget to watch how much I’m spending. When I’m on the road, I automatically pull into Starbucks for a latte and a Kind bar. On the weekends when I’m too tired to cook, I sometimes order Thai take-out or get pizza delivered. These costs are unnecessary and really add up. Identify unnecessary spending and cut it out!

Start an emergency fund

Even if you can only deposit a small amount each week, saving money in an emergency fund is important to prepare for a successful financial future. Once you start saving, don’t touch the money. Keep it until a true emergency, or big planned expense, comes along.

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Kylie K.