So Much Awesome: Part II

A few months ago (has it already been that long?) I brought you some of the most awesome things from one of my favorite blogs, 1000 Awesome Things, because everyone needs a bit of awesome in their days.

I say awesome a lot. I should work on that.

As the days get shorter, colder, and grayer we crave a little bit of sunlight to lift us from our wintery blues. That’s when you need to step back and take a minute to appreciate even the littlest things around you that pack a big punch of awesome.

For the second time, here are a few more of my favorite awesome things from 1000 Awesome Things.

#521 Calling a mulligan on the day

Do over! Mulligan! Redo! It’s okay to start your day over if you’ve fallen out of step. In fact, I highly encourage you take a mulligan on the day, starting with a second breakfast. Whenever I feel a little off-kilter and I’ve just had plain bad luck all morning long, I sit down for a bowl of cereal at lunch. It sounds weird, but that bowl of cereal really presses the reset button for me. Don’t call off a whole day just because of a few missteps in the morning. Stop, pour cereal, restart and get on with your day.

#545 Watching a movie in the basement with a group of friends

This reminds me of weekend nights in high school when all my friends would come over and we’d play Dance Dance Revolution, consume way too much orange soda, and then collapse on the couch for a night of movie watching. Watching a movie in my parent’s warm basement and sharing a few laughs in unison with my pals makes me feel so content.

#608 When strangers wish you happy holidays

‘Tis the season for seasons greetings. Someone wished me happy holidays when I left a coffee shop the other day and it put a giant smile on my face. All it takes is a little holiday happiness from a friendly barista to really get you into the spirit.

#569 Sharing your stories with friends

friends collage.png

I really miss my friends lately. They're are all off taking the city by storm and Boston and New York feel like light years away! Whenever I have the opportunity to visit them, I seize it. When we get together it doesn’t matter if we’ve been apart for a whole year, we jump right back into telling stories of our most recent adventures. We interrupt and talk over each other, yell, laugh (more like cackle), sob, scream-sing our favorite songs, make big hand and arm gestures, and otherwise annoy everyone around us. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends are hilarious, honest, witty, unique and beautiful people. I can’t wait to see them all again soon.

Do you have any awesome things to share?

Kylie K.