So Much Awesome

Sometimes you just need a big dose of awesome. One of my favorite blogs is 1000 Awesome Things, a blog dedicated to a list of the most awesome things, experiences and feelings. Although some of the things are downright disgusting (nose picking, peeing in the pool and eating foods past the expiration date), the majority of these 1000 things are the perfect amount of awesome. These are among my favorites on the list.

#67 When cats do stupid things

I love cat videos. They get me every time. All it takes is one cat crawling around in a paper bag to send me into Gigglefest 2012. I also think it’s pretty awesome when cats do cute things, like our little orphan kitten Rue, who taught herself to drink from a tiny bottle when she was separated from her mother at just a few weeks old. 

#674 When your laptop or cell phone is just about to die but you manage to run and plug it in before it completely shuts off

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been happily editing video or perusing Pinterest when that unwelcome dialog box pops up on my screen warning me that I am running on reserve battery and have less than a minute to locate a charger or else. My running training comes in handy as I quickly sprint across the house, dive into my office, and snag the precious piece of cable that serves as the only antidote to my battery blues. Just in the nick of time I make it back to my laptop and connect the power source, narrowly avoiding tragedy. This is certainly an awesome feeling.

#841 When the categories on Jeopardy! are right in your wheelhouse

See also, Jeopardy! Teen Tournament and Kids Week. I'll make it a true Daily Double, Alex.

#850 Absolute perfect silence

Where I live in the summertime, there is constant traffic whizzing by my window all hours of the day and night. At camp, however, there is nothing but silence. Beautiful, blissful, uninterrupted silence. You don’t realize just how wonderful silence can be until you’ve listened to motorcycles and dump trucks motoring up and down the road behind your house for weeks on end. When you finally find a place with absolute perfect silence, take a moment and breathe it all in. 

And the most awesome thing on the list has to be this one.

#917 The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage

Concerts are an emotional, magical experience. There’s something about being in a crowd filled with fans who all share the same love for the band that’s about to take the stage. It gives me chills just thinking about it. I’ll never forget seeing my favorite band, Hanson, in concert for the first time. Sound check was over, the lights began to fade and the electricity in the room was coursing through my veins. I was hot, thirsty, and exhausted but none of that mattered when I saw Taylor, Isaac and Zac walk on stage. The audience erupted with cheers and applause, and from that moment I was hooked. Live music, and the feeling before the band comes on stage, is definitely on my top 5 list of awesome things.

What are your favorites? What would you add to the list?

Kylie K.