Sound Off Voting

The time has come for the Sound Off voting to begin! We had 60 rocking entries, and now it's pedal to the metal! Don't forget to tell your friends to vote for you or your band if you are one of the entrants (is that even a word?)! If you are a fan of the band/singer, PROMOTE THEM! The more votes the better! Remember what is on the line here for everyone! The winner takes home a recording session at Main Street Music and a spot at KahBang! Here's a nifty video to explain everything. Can you say Yayyyyyy! You get TWO videos this week. You're getting spoiled!

In other news, Peyton Manning left the Colts, and the IPad 3 is being revealed today...but let's be honest. You care more about Sound Off! GO VOTE!

Seth P.