Spokester Holiday Hits

We're in the thick of the holiday season which means you're probably getting sick of the same ol' jolly jingles played at the supermarket, shopping mall and on the radio. Still, Christmas and holiday music is part of the season and here at Young & Free we want to make sure you're singing loud for all to hear, not sporting ear plugs every time you leave the house because you can't take one more rendition of Silent Night.

The spokesters from across the country and even way up there in Canada joined forces to bring you our favorite holiday jams. There's a little bit of everyone's personality in these songs. Aly is all rock 'n roll while Jenn, well, she's a little non-traditional when it comes to Christmas music. As for me, I'm a big fan of pop-rock and acoustic guitar tracks with smokey voices. Austin, Anthony, Darryl, and Kelsey all added their flair, too. Can you guess who picked which songs?

Enjoy this mix of holiday music for free on Spotify and keep on jamming right through to next Tuesday. (That's Christmas day, you guys. Better get shopping!)

Spokester Holiday Hits

If you're looking for more tunes check out my favorite holiday album of all-time, Hanson's Snowed In. I may or may not have duplicated the album cover photo a few times in my life. 

Happy holidays!

Kylie K.