Sports Stories of 2011: MLB/NBA

Today is the second day of installments in the best of 2011. One of my passions is sports. I love playing sports and watching them as well. Like most any other year, 2011 was filled with great story lines throughout each sport. Rivalries were heated, fights and scandals broke out and there were also some great stories that came out of each sport as well. Here's a look at some of the major sports and the stories that surrounded them.


Cardinals win World Series

I wasn't overly excited about the Cardinals vs. Rangers world series, but it ended up being an amazing seven game set. The most notable, out of all of the games, was game six when the Rangers had the chance to clinch the series twice. They failed to get the final out both times and the Cardinals kept their hopes alive later winning the world series. They are now the second team in the twenty first century to win two titles...can you guess the other one?

Red Sox Colapse

This pains me to write, but after spending a fair amount of money this year on super stars like Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, the Red Sox failed to make the playoffs. The Sox started off the season with a 2-10 record, later caught on fire and were unstoppable, had a nine game lead on the wild card race in September and lost their spot on the final day of the season (game 162). Terry Francona and Theo Epstein both left the team...oh yeah, and it was later discovered that the pitchers were drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the dugout. Let's hope 2012 is a little less frightening. On an unrelated note, I sat on the Green Monster for the first time in my life...It was amazing!

Yankees Reach Milestones

I hate the Yankees...mmm yes, yes I do. That being said, I hate the organization and not all of the players. Some of the players I respect and can give credit when it is due. Derek Jeter recorded his 3,000th hit as a member of the Yankees (the only team he has played for) and did so in dramatic fashion. He smacked a homerun for number 3,000, had five hits on the day and also drove in the winning run. Sounds like a good day to me. Mariano Rivera also made history this year as he passed Trevor Hoffman as the all time save leader. Rivera now has 603 saves to his name. Alex Rodriguez...well he went to the Super Bowl with Cameron Diaz and had her feed him popcorn. Yeah...way to go A-Rod. Yikes!

Here's a list of Sports Illustrated's top MLB stories of 2011


"Big Threes" are Becoming More Popular

The Celtics started a recent "Big Three" trend when they grabbed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the 2008 season. Last year, the new "Big Three" resided in Miami. LeBron James and Chris Bosh headed to South Beach where they joined Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. They reached the finals, but lost to the Dallas Mavericks who won their first title in the program's history.

NBA Lockout

For a little while there, I was pretty set on there being no NBA season. Like the NFL, the NBA went into lockout mode when the players, coaches and owners could not agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. After losing several games, both sides agreed to a 66 game schedule and started the first game of the season on Christmas day.

Derrick Rose is the Youngest MVP

The Chicago Bulls have carried on a trend of producing some stellar super stars. Derrick Rose, at only 22 years old, became the youngest MVP in the NBA's history. He is also the first Bull to hold that honor since Michael Jordan, His Royal Airness.

There are definitely some more amazing stories coming out of sports this year, but like yesterday, I'd be typing for ages and you'd be reading until next year. We wouldn't want that! Here's to another great year of sports.

What was your favorite sports story this year?

Seth P.