Staycation for New Year's Eve

Making plans for New Year’s Eve always seems to be the toughest task. You know you want to spend time with friends, watch the countdown on TV, and dance your feet off. It should be simple to pick a place, book a hotel and go have some fun on the last day of the year, but this never seems to be the case for me.

My friends and I always spend so much time talking about what we want to do but never figure out a solid plan. We daydream of warm getaways, glamorous nightlife in NYC, and a New Year’s Day spent on the slopes of a ski resort. In reality, we can’t afford any of these trips and we certainly can’t all coordinate our work and school schedules to travel somewhere far away together. 

The past few years we have decided to celebrate New Year’s with a staycation. A staycation is a way to enjoy a break from work or school without actually travelling too far. We save money while still having an absolute blast. Here are some ideas for planning a New Year’s Eve staycation.

Location, Location, Location

If you plan to celebrate another year ending with a bunch of friends, you’ll need to pick a place where everyone can hang out and possibly crash for the night. New Year’s celebrations are meant to last well into the wee hours of the morning and it’s great if everyone can just curl up on a couch when the festivities are over. Ask around your group of friends if you can host it at someone’s house. We usually host our shindigs at a friend’s camp. It’s not used in the wintertime and it’s a perfect change of scenery from our usual houses.

Feed Me

If you were on a real vacation somewhere, you’d probably be spending a ton of cash at a restaurant to get your last meal of the year. On a staycation, however, everyone can pitch in potluck style to feed the whole crowd. Ask guests if they’d mind bringing something to share whether it be a sweet, an appetizer or just a few bags of chips. Pooling your food resources will ensure everyone is well fed without spending too much money.

Music that moves you

What’s New Year’s Eve without loud music to dance to? You don’t need to spend cash on a cover charge for a dance club on New Year’s Eve, just tear it up in the living room! Secure some sort of music machine (a big ol’ stereo with an auxiliary cable is best) and load your iPod or other device with tunes. It’s fun to include some of the year’s biggest hits on the playlist so you can reminisce about where you were the first time you heard the song. It’ll bring back a ton of memories from the year. This mix by Daniel “kimagination” Kim includes more than 50 of the year’s hottest tracks in an 8 minute song. It’s a great way to hear all your favorite tunes from 2012 in a new way.

Don't stress about lack of money or time when planning your New Year's Eve festivities. Get together with the people that make you happy and have a good time. 

Have you thought about your plans for New Year's yet?

Kylie K.