Streaming Music Sites

For the remainder of this week, we'll be talking about music. I will either dedicate a blog to music, or have a musical reference in my blog. Why? Well, I love music, I listen to music every day and I may or may not be announcing a really amazing contest at the end of this week. Believe me, if you are a musician, you'll want to check the site this week! It will be worth your while.

I have quite a few CDs kicking around my house, and have a fair amount of music on my old computer. I haven't put my tunes on my new computer just yet, so I have had to find other ways to get music online. Rather than spending lots of money on music and downloading new songs, I try to stream my music from a few different sites so I don't have to spend money on CDs that I own. It's also a nice way to discover new music and to make sure I would actually listen to other songs on the album. Here's a few that I use pretty frequently.


By now, I would imagine that most of us have heard of Pandora. It's a great resource for those of us who don't have music on our computer, but still want to hear music from a certain band or genre. I like to type in 90s music and hear the songs of my beloved Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms and Cake. Mmmm So good! I love this site because they play a mix of bands or genre's you have selected, which allows you to hear other music that you may not have discovered yet. I've found some great bands and singers by using Pandora. Pandora is free of charge. It also has an iPhone app! Score!


Grooveshark has fast become one of my favorite streaming music sites. I came across it via a friend of mine who used it. I instantly got hooked. Some music streaming sites (like Pandora) have ads you have to listen to or different breaks in the music to help pay for their site. Grooveshark is much different in that you can actually pick and choose what music you want to listen to and create a playlist. I have found that they have a massive selection of music on their site, and there are no ads, no breaks in the music and no cost! If you are considering purchasing/downloading a CD, Grooveshark probably has it already streaming on its site. You could go the free route and not buy the CD, but I'd suggest listening to it once and then going and paying for it if you like it!


Okay, so this isn't really a music streaming site per se, but it also has a massively huge list of everything you could ever want. The benefit of listening to music on YouTube is that you can also watch the music video if you so please. I mean let's be honest. You would never have known that awesome music like Rebecca Black's Friday existed. could have lived without knowing that, but Justin Bieber was actually discovered on YouTube. Where would he be without the social media giant?

So there you have it. Three sites I constantly use in order to find old music I had forgotten about, or some new music that I never knew existed! PS...on a separate unrelated note. I'm at 599 likes on the Young and Free Maine Facebook Page. I so dearly want to pass Young and Free Alabama, who is at 602. Won't you help me in my quest to get a few extra likes? I'm shooting for 1000 eventually!

What sites do you use to stream music?

Seth P.