Summer Bucket List

When school ended in early May, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. With no job yet, no classes, and most of my friends working during the day, it would have been very easy to slip into a bottomless pit of boredom and streaming television shows online. To avoid falling into a summer slump, I decided to make a summer bucket list. 

Goal setting of any kind keeps you focused and gives you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, but summer goals don’t have to be so serious. The best part about a summer bucket list is you can fill it with fun things that you might not consider during the school year when you’re short on time. Want to climb a mountain? Write it down. Want to make a viral video? Put it on the list. Want to plant a garden? Now is the perfect time to dig in.

Here’s a shortened version of my bucket list. 

Run my best 5K road race

It’s no secret that I love to run, so this goal was an obvious one for me. My first 5K of the summer was last Sunday and I managed to shave over a minute off my time! Do you have a fitness goal? Register for a road race to keep you on track.

Complete a DIY project

I’ve pinned at least a zillion do-it-yourself projects on Pinterest, but haven’t actually attempted any of them. I’m going to change that this summer. This t-shirt recycle looks like fun. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Save money

I worked through all four years of college, but it seemed like every paycheck was gone before it even made it into my account. Between rent, groceries, gas and school expenses, I had very little cash left over to put away for safekeeping. Now that I have a real job (yay!) I plan to save a percentage of every paycheck. 

How will you make this summer memorable? What do you have on your summer bucket list?