Switch and Save

There are things we spend money on every day that are costing us too much money. Make a switch and you could save big.

1. Cable

If you pay utilities at your apartment or house you’re probably paying too much to watch television. I have several shows that I keep up with (Parks & Recreation, Community, and Smash to name a few) but I don’t have cable. How is this possible? I subscribe to Hulu Plus, a video streaming website that has almost every episode of every show you could ever want to watch. For $7.99 a month I can watch my favorite shows whenever I want from a computer, iPad, Playstation 3, Internet-ready BluRay player, or other device. The average cable plan can cost up to $100. Switch to a streaming website/device and get more freedom to watch your favorite shows at a fraction of the cost.

2. Pizza

It’s easy, delicious and the deliveryman will bring it to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less… For a price. Ordering pizza every weekend gets expensive, especially when you tack on a delivery charge and tip for the driver. Try making your own pizza at home using this simple dough recipe. You can get several batches of dough out of a bag of flour and you can customize your pizza with as many toppings as you want. Use the left over meat and vegetables in your refrigerator to save even more money. Don’t have time for the dough to rise? Order take-out instead of delivery and give that tip to yourself.

3. Coffee

Ditch the drive thru every morning and save big. I like to buy a few pounds of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee when it’s on sale and make my own iced coffee at home. Just brew up a pot of coffee, add your desired amount of sugar while it’s still hot (it dissolves better this way), and let it cool in a pitcher in the refrigerator. Pour the chilled coffee over ice, add milk or cream, and enjoy. You can also invest in one of the great new environmentally friendly coffee cups from Copco that look like a takeout coffee cup but are insulated and reusable. Be your very own barista at home and always get the order right while saving some serious cash.

What switches have you made to save money?