Tale of the Tiny House

Imagine your entire house fitting into a space the size of your bedroom. For some, this is a reality. A new trend in minimalist living is taking off, and people are choosing to move into mobile homes barely big enough for a bed, let alone a kitchen and living space.

Sage Radachowsky built a 120-square foot mobile home after many years of paying rent. This “wheel estate” is an affordable place to live for Sage, but do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of living in such a tiny space?

Photo courtesy: Sage Radachowsky, GypsyLiving.org

Pro: If you build your own tiny house on wheels you wouldn’t have a mortgage.
Con: Is there a resale market for wheel estate? Will the tiny house have any value in the future? Many people may be looking to downsize, but probably not that much.

Pro: Less space to store stuff means you have less clutter.
Con: Less space to store stuff means you have less stuff. I don’t think a tiny house would be a very good environment for a dog or another animal (except maybe a gerbil). Pets aside, you wouldn’t have a lot of room to store other things. Some might welcome this opportunity to live a more simple lifestyle, but for many it’d be tough to give up that big screen TV and ample closet space.

Pro: Want to visit a friend for the weekend? Hitch your home up to your truck and roll into their driveway without even having to pack.
Con: Want friends to visit you for the weekend? Forget it, unless he or she also has a tiny house on wheels, then you can park next to each other for the night. Having such little living space limits your ability to entertain guests. Thanksgiving dinner is definitely not happening at your house this year.

Pro: Less space, less stuff, lower utility bills.
Con: Many tiny mobile home dwellers go off the grid, meaning they’re not hooked up to electricity and power like a typical house. Solar power is an option, but installing panels can sometimes get expensive and complicated for these mini-homes. There’s also the issue of water. A bathtub and shower setup would take up almost a third of the space. Chances are you’d be bathing in a bucket.

Read more about this simplistic way of life here or visit Sage Radachowsky’s website dedicated to Gypsy Living.

Would you live in a space smaller than your bedroom to save money?

Kylie K.