Tasty Thursday: Chocolate Truffles

I was in Boston in December with my girlfriend and uncle. My uncle is from California and decided he wanted to try a real bowl of seafood chowder. We decided to stop at the Union Oyster House, which boasts as the oldest restaurant in America. After a tasty lunch we decided to stroll down Newbury street and check out the stores. If you're a fan of chocolate like I am, you may know about a certain swiss chocolatier shop called Teuscher. I make a point to stop there almost every time I am in Boston. I can't pass up their truffles. That being said, their truffles are the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted, and some of the most expensive. I don't remember the exact price, but I think I ended up spending somewhere around $8 for two truffles. I can remember Margaux, my girlfriend, and Tony, my uncle, both looking at me with this look that said "What the heck you moron. You just spent almost ten bucks on two pieces of chocolate. You have got to be kidding me." I then gave them each a bite of the chocolates and their eyes were opened to a whole new world of chocolatey goodness. 

I admit it, I have a chocolate addiction. I can't go a week without it, and the richer and darker, the better. I have yet to find a truffle that is a amazing as the ones sold in Boston, but as a self proclaimed decent cook, I enjoy finding recipes that can provide you with good food at a fraction of the cost. I went to a party this past week and I was asked to bring a tasty dish. Rather than making a potato or pasta salad, I decided to make some chocolate truffles. The best part? I made really tasty truffles for about the same cost as I paid for my two truffles in Boston.

So I don't remember where I got my truffle recipe initially, but I found one on Food Network that is pretty close to what I do. Spoiler alert! This is not healthy...not even a little bit. I mean, I guess chocolate is good for your heart, but in terms of calories? Yeah, not so much. I made some variations on the ingredients to make it liquor free. I don't keep Gran Marnier around my house, and to be quite honest, I'm not a huge orange flavor buff...although I do enjoy those tobler chocolate oranges. Did I just contradict myself? Probably. Irregardless, I didn't use Gran Marnier. So my truffles are easy to make, and take a grand total of five ingredients. I used a half pound of bittersweet and half pound of dark chocolate (both costing around $2.99 for good quality chocolate). I boiled a cup of heavy cream (bought for $1.79) and added a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring and just a touch (I don't know how much a touch is...tablespoon?) of coffee. and then poured it over the two half pounds of chocolate in a separate bowl, making sure it all melted evenly. After mixing those ingredients, let the chocolate sit and rest. It will take a while for it to become rollable, and I generally put it in the fridge to speed up the cooling process. After the chocolate has sat long enough, it's time to grab the melon baller (or spoons work. That's what I use) and dig out the chocolate. Roll them into balls and sprinkle them with your favorite coating. I used confectionary sugar, cocoa powder, crushed peanuts and leftover chocolate shavings. After that I stuck them in mini muffin wrappers and set them on a tray to go back into the fridge overnight.

A few may have not made it in the process...they met an untimely ending when I devoured them. So let's go over this again. I didn't spend money on cocoa powder, confectionary sugar, coffee or vanilla because I had some already stored up from previous cooking endeavors. I imagine some of you may have them on hand as well. All I had to buy was the chocolate and heavy cream. So I spent a grand total of $7.77 and made around 40 chocolate truffles for the party I attended. You can ask the party goers. They were gone quickly, and when you do the math out, each truffle cost me an average of 19 cents to make. Much less then the $4 a truffle I spent in Boston, and definitely a treat that is quite enjoyable. Try them out the next time you want to woo a group of people. They're easy to make, and something that the other guests won't soon forget.

What's your favorite dessert?

Seth P.

Side note: I will be including photos in the future Tasty Thursday posts. Pictures should go with recipes and I intend on remedying this problem!