Tasty Thursday: Don't buy That in Bulk!

Today marks 35 days until I get married to my lovely fiancée, Margaux. There are still a ton of things left to do, and one of them is buying a few products in bulk. We need cups, cutlery, food and various other odds and ends to make sure we pull off our wedding and BBQ with few snafus. While there are many foods and products that are worth buying in bulk, there are actually quite a few that you won't want to. Sure, buying wholesale is traditionally cheaper, but in the end, some products aren't worth stocking up on. What are they? Well, the lovely folks at Business Insider compiled a list of 12 grocery items you shouldn't buy in bulk. Here's a few I found rather humorous.

Baking Powder

Do you know the muffin man? Are you the muffin man? Do you do a ton of baking? If you don't, then don't buy baking powder in bulk. I can tell you from personal experience that I have had the same small container of baking powder for about a year now and have only gone through a few tablespoons worth of the white stuff. On the contrary, if you are a huge fan of pancakes, you should probably stock up.

Brown Rice

Unless you are eating rice with every meal, it's not worth buying a 20 pound bag of it. Brown Rice actually has oils in it which means the grain only has a shelf life of about six months. I'm a huge fan of brown rice, but knowing this now, I won't buy it in massive quantities.

Candy/Unhealthy Snacks

This goes against everything I stand for, but it makes sense. You know how I rave about half price candy the day after major holidays? Well, according to this article, you shouldn't be stocking up on sweets or things that are really bad for you. Go figure! There goes my idea of buying all that Mother's Day candy...Do they even make that kind of stuff?

Check out the full article here and you can see the full list of all 12 things you shouldn't buy in bulk. It may just save you some money!

What things do you buy in bulk?

Seth P.