Tasty Thursday: Don't Pack That for Lunch!

Okay, so you just got a new job and are ready to make a big impression on your fellow co workers on the first day. You ironed your clothes, shined your shoes, took a shower and made sure you look spiffy. You pack lunch for yourself and don't even think about the fact that last night's meatloaf that you made into a sandwich would be your downfall. NOOOOO! Don't get me wrong, meatloaf sandwiches are tasty and amazing...but holy smelliness. Those puppies are pungent and sting the nostrils of others when you are in a room. Believe me, in high school I always ate alone when I ate a meatloaf sandwich. So today, rather than talking about a fun recipe to make, we are going to discuss things you shouldn't eat in an office setting. Why, you may ask? Well, you'll lose friends really quickly if you eat these stinkers in closed quarters!

Microwave Popcorn

Think about all the times you have made popcorn in a microwave. How many times have you gone without burning the kernels...let's be honest. It never happens. Not only that, but the smell of overcooked popcorn cuts through office air like few other stenches can. If you bring popcorn to the office, make sure it's pre popped. Your coworkers will thank you.

Tuna fish...or any fish

I love fish. I love sushi more than cooked fish, but once in a while, I enjoy a nice tuna sandwich. It's cheap, it's easy, and it's relatively tasty. I also make sure I eat tuna fish in private and not in the company of others. Biting into a tuna fish sandwich in an office room will pretty much ensure that you will no longer have any friends for the remainder of the day. It's smelly, and makes your breath reek as well. You think coffee breath is bad? Try a tuna breath...HOLY GET SOMEONE A MINT!

Mexican Food

Burrito, Fajita, Taco...oh my! Yes, they are amazing, and last night's Mexican treat could make for a good lunch, but if you reheat anything of that nature in an office, you can bet the smells won't be pleasant. Not only that, but the smells coming from you later won't be pleasant either. Mexican food, plus small working areas, plus you eating them, plus digestive disaster later, equals a really bad day at the office...seriously. Don't do it!

For a list of some more unpleasant foods to eat in the office, click here.

What do you stay away from at work?

Seth P.