Tasty Thursday: Eat 'n Tweet

I mentioned this Friday on my weekly video, but today is officially the kickoff to my March project. I really want more people to get involved, because I think it could be a cool way to see what we are eating, and how we can encourage one another to eat some more healthy things throughout the week. My project is called Eat 'n Tweet! Easy enough right?

So here's my plan. This is what I vow to do. For each food item I eat, whether it's a meal, snack or anything in between, I will take a picture of what I am eating and send it to my Twitter account, and also my Facebook Page. I really feel like this is a great way to keep one another accountable for eating junk! I know for me, in the winter months, I tend to eat a little more unhealthy. Blame it on whatever, but the reality is, most of us have a tendency to pack on a few pounds when the winter months hit. Why? Well, it could be to keep us warmer. It could be because there aren't as many outdoor activities. Maybe you are depressed and need sunlight, but turn to the next best thing...ice cream. Whatever the reasoning, I am looking to put a stop to the craziness in my life, and want you to join me!

So here we go, take a stand with me, won't you? Tweet your food to me, and throw it up on your Facebook pages and let me know! We can cheer one another on for eating well, and bash one another for eating like slobs (and believe me...it's bound to happen for me, so you can bash away soon). One month is all I am asking. Are you ready to take the challenge with me? Check out last week's video to get a full idea of what's going on and join in!

Will you join me in Eat n' Tweet?

Seth P.