Tasty Thursday: Good Places to eat out

Well, I'm sorry to say that due to the fact that I was off in Bath this morning giving an early morning talk to some Credit Unions, I don't have a recipe to share with you today. I had a blast talking to the CU employees though. They made me feel right at home! (Yet another reason to join a Credit Union...and the list goes on...) However, I did just receive a copy of Bangor Metro in the mail, and they had the best restaurants of 2011 in the Bangor area. I decided to share my opinion with you and let you know where some of them ended up. 

Best Ice Cream: Giffords Ice Cream

I agree with this statement in Bangor. As someone who is an ice creamaholic, I think that Giffords is about the best ice cream you can get in the Bangor area. With flavors like Moose Tracks, Mississippi Mud and Apple Pie, there is a flavor for absolutely everyone. I rarely find an ice cream I don't like, and Giffords takes it to another level and creates a tasty treat for we Mainers.

Best Bar: Paddy Murphy's

I frequent Paddy Murphy's and have to say out of all the pubs/bars in the Bangor area, they do it best. Daily drink specials, tasty burgers, fried pickles and tons of other goodies on their menu means you can probably find something in there that will tickle your fancy. I haven't had a bad meal there yet, and really enjoy the atmosphere. Not only is the food good, but they also have nightly themes. I was there Monday night, and it just happened to be Karaoke night. I decided against singing my heart out, but the people who were belting out the tunes seemed to have a great time. Paddy's is also home to a few of the Kah Bang performers this year (they will be performing in the bar), which also adds to its appeal. All in all, I say yes to Paddys!

Best Mexican: Margarita's Mexican Restaurant

One of the best parts of going to UMaine Orono was that I was within walking distance of pretty decent Mexican food. Margarita's is a great place to hang out with a great atmosphere. The food is reasonably priced, and the best day to go, I think, is Wednesday. They have a college night where it is buy one meal, get one free if you both have a student ID. I don't know about you, but two for one deals in college always attracted my business when I was feeling cheap.

Okay let's be honest, I could go on for hours about food and talk about all the amazing places I have eaten, but to be quite honest, I am getting really hungry. If you want to see a full list of what restaurants took first place, pick up a copy of the latest Bangor Metro, or check out their website. The articles are all available for viewing online, and for free. So the next time you forget about making dinner and have to go out to eat, check out the list and see what ones ranked atop the others. Happy Eating!

What's your favorite restaurant?

Seth P.