Tasty Thursday: Hummus

Sometimes I come home from a day's work and am not quite ready for dinner. I'll decide to grab myself a snack instead, and hope that it holds me over until I go for a bigger meal. One of my favorite snacks of all time is hummus with veggies. Not only is it relatively healthy, it is also very tasty as well. Well, I think it tastes good anyway. Some people liken it to baby barf, but hey! I disagree. I was looking at my favorite brand of Hummus the other day, and notice that it cost about $4 for a container of it. The container normally lasts me about three days (what can I say, I like hummus) and after that I am left wanting more! I decide to look up a recipe for homemade hummus, and found a very cheap alternative to buying it pre-made. Here we go!

The recipe is found here and it has six ingredients in it. Chick Peas, water, sea salt, tahini (sesame seed paste), garlic and lemon juice. Now, if that doesn't scream easy, I don't know what does. Essentially, all you need is a food processor and you chuck all the ingredients in and blend it up until it has a nice smooth consistency. Some people like their hummus like baby food. I like mine a wee bit chunkier and more like...sand? I haven't eaten much sand recently, but I imagine it would a similar consistency if it was wet and edible.

So what is so great about this simple recipe? There are TONS of variations you can try to get the taste you want. How about adding some oven roasted red peppers to add some sweetness? Add more garlic and you'll have a nice tasty treat that makes your breath stink, but tastes amazing (I am a huge garlic fan). Add some black olives and feta cheese for a nice Greek spin on a tasty favorite. I don't know if there are too many things that can't go into hummus. If you put it in (within reason..I'm sure chocolate would make it taste gross), chances are it will taste good.

So now what? You've made hummus and you have some leftover perhaps? Well, the good news is that hummus can keep for a week in the refrigerator and up to three months if it's frozen. Make it ahead of time and keep a supply in the freezer for a quick and easy treat that goes with any veggie! I also take my hummus and put it on sandwiches. If you are bored with mustard and mayo, slap a little hummus on instead and make your sandwich or wrap and enjoy...I'd even suggest putting on a few bean sprouts for a nice crunch. Oh man! I'm making myself hungry.

So there you have it. A simple Tasty Thursday, yes, but one that can help you transform the most boring of veggies into something tastier and your sandwiches a little...umm...hummusier? I don't think that's a word.

What is your favorite kind of hummus? Do you make your own?

Seth P.