Tasty Thursday: Money Savings Tips on Reception Food

Well, I'm busy getting married right now so today's blog is coming to you courtesy of the wonders of technology and timed posts. Yes, by the time you have read this, I will be married and have a wife! Poor Margaux...her last name is now Poplaski. Margaux Poplaski does not flow off the tip of the tongue...at all. Anyway, back to today's blog!

Thankfully, we're having a bbq for our reception, but from seeing other people getting married and going to their receptions, I know for a fact that food is insanely expensive depending on how many people attend your wedding. Thankfully, I have compiled a list of things you can do to cut costs when it comes to food! Well...Mint.com actually compiled the list. I just picked out a few that I think are really good ideas. Here they are!

Order in Season

Makes sense, right? Buy foods that are in season and you'll be able to keep your costs down. For instance, buying strawberries around this time of year, or later in the summer will probably be a little less expensive than buying them in the fall or winter. They are fresh, and you can probably get them locally as well!

You don't need a ton of desserts

You have a wedding cake. The guests don't need to have their choice of ice cream or ganache or other random treats. Wedding cake was made to be eaten! With as much as you are probably spending on the cake, it's not worth it to spend more money on sweets.

Have a reception at off times

Have your reception between meals and you won't have to spend money on full plates per person. You can probably get away with only spending a little money on finger food and light snacks. Believe me, buying finger sandwiches and veggie platters is not going to be as expensive as buying a dinner plate for 150 people. 


I'm half kidding about this, but seriously...if you elope you don't have to feed anyone. Boom!

Check out the full list here. It's a lovely little article that is really helpful for those of you who are planning a wedding!

What are your wedding food saving tips?

Seth P.