Tasty Thursday: One Ingredient Ice Cream

I've stumbled across this recipe (if you can call it that) for one ingredient ice cream more than once, so I decided to feature it today in Tasty Thursday. Who doesn't love ice cream? I can't think of too many people who don't enjoy running down the ice cream truck, or going to an ice cream shop in the summer and grabbing a big old scoop of goodness and eating it with a waffle cone. I know I could probably eat ice cream every day for the rest of my life...and then I would be the size of a whale. Well, Apparently there is a way to make really tasty ice cream by using one simple ingredient. Are you ready? Get your pen and paper right and jot this down!


Yup, that's it. That's all you need in order to create wonderfully tasty ice cream! Apparently, if you freeze bananas and then grab your food processor and blend them, it will create a creamy like texture that is very similar to ice cream. It's healthy, low in calories and fat and high in potassium. Now, I haven't tried it yet, but I haven't heard any negative feedback from the one ingredient ice cream, so I am leading towards it being a success. Not only that, but if you want to make it a little more flavorful, you can add candy pieces, vanilla wafers, cocoa powder or any other assortment of goodies and not raise the calories by a great deal. Check out a full list of things you can do here via the Food Network!

I haven't met too many ice creams that I didn't like, and I have faith that this is the same! Check it out, and try it when you have some bananas lying around!

What is your favorite ice cream combination?

Seth P.