Tasty Thursday: Prepping for Thanksgiving

Well, it's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is one week away. Because there will not be a blog post next Thursday, I decided to dedicate this week's Tasty Thursday to some essentials of a Thanksgiving meal. In my humble opinion, there are a few things that absolutely have to be at the dinner table on this day...and no, Christmas music is not one of them. So here we go! In no particular order, here are my essential Thanksgiving foods


If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will disagree with me...but that's okay. We can still be friends. I'm pretty sure this is the absolute must in any Thanksgiving dinner. Eating turkey at the meal dates back to the Pilgrim days, so why break tradition? Of course there will always be the great debate among meat lovers of whether light or dark meat is better. Personally, as long as it's got a little gravy to go with it, I am good either way. Here's a recipe for the World's Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey. Well...that's what the article says anyway so it has to be true, right?


I can't have my turkey without some good old stuffing on the side! Now, you can take the easy route here and use store bought stuffing, or you can make some yourself. It involves a little more prep work, but I find that is more tasty and worth the hassle on Thanksgiving. Some people like to throw apples and raisins and other random goodies into their stuffing. I like to keep it simple and stick to the basics. Here's a pretty easy recipe for cornbread stuffing. Mmmm

Mashed Potatoes

I learned something about potatoes last weekend that I never knew. Apparently Russet potatoes are better for baking and not for mashing (thank you mom and sisters). Mashed potatoes are fairly simple to make, so I won't include a recipe. All you need is potatoes, milk or cream, and plenty of butter (hit it with a slab, Paula Deen Style). Mash until creamy!


I actually wrote about squash for a Tasty Thursday already so you can click here and find out all there is to know about this tasty addition to your meal!

Cranberry Sauce

umm...does anyone actually eat this stuff? I'm gonna say you probably don't need this...I surely don't.


I think that anything could go on here, but something about pumpkin pie just sticks out to me. Anything involving Pumpkin is probably a good idea to keep around for your Thanksgiving meal. Pecan pie is also a good choice for a dessert to finish off your meal and put you into a food coma. Oh heck! Any pie will do!

I didn't include gravy, but absolutely YOU MUST HAVE GRAVY. So don't forget it! You can buy it store bought, or use some of the juice from the turkey, add some corn starch or flour and make your own. I prefer making my own, but if you are trying to go fast, grab a container at the store. Make sure you brew a pot of coffee so you have some caffeine to ward off the food coma. You wouldn't want to miss the football would you (GO PACK GO)? Here's to a tasty Thanksgiving!

What do you have to have on your Thanksgiving plate?

Seth P.