Tasty Thursday: Stress Relieving Foods

Hey everyone! I'm waaaaay up north today in Madawaska. I must say, it was quite the drive, and thankfully, I missed out on driving through all of the snow. I hear it's slightly nuts in some areas of Maine. Anyway, I'm sure we all have those days where we come home stressed and want to just go to town on the most unhealthy foods that we can find. Generally when I am stressed, I like to eat really unhealthy things. I used to go gorge myself on fast food places and consume mass amount of calories. Sure, it felt good at the time, but after about 10 minutes of digesting, I wanted to kill myself. It makes me laugh now that McDonalds has professional athletes marketing their grub. I have a feeling LeBron James doesn't make a habit of eating Big Macs. I have since stopped going to fast food restaurants, and looked for other alternatives to eating stress relieving food (comfort food). Here's a list of some great stress relieving foods that are also healthy!


I'm not a huge banana fan, although I did buy mini bananas yesterday at the store. They were too cute to pass up! According to the Food Network, avocados and bananas are both loaded with potassium, which keeps your blood pressure low. You know what the say, a banana a day keeps the...blood pressure at bay?


I always tell people who are getting overworked about their lives to drink a nice hot cup of tea. I believe the key to making sure it will ease your stress levels instead of heighten them is to make sure you drink decaf tea. I am a huge fan of chamomile, and sleepy time tea. They both help ease the tension when the frustrations start to boil.

Whole Grain/Wheat Pretzels

I actually ate some pretzels with my lunch today and it was lovely. Whole wheat pretzels are good stress relievers because they fill you up. This means you won't be gorging yourself with unhealthier options. Whole wheat foods tend to be a good source of fiber, and the carbs apparently also help release a "feel good" chemical called serotonin in your brain so you'll feel better!

Check out the full list of the Top 10 Foods for Stress Relief according to the Food Network and see other stress relieving food (PS, chocolate is on the list too...score). The next time you're going straight to the nearest fast food joint to kill a bad day of work or school, check out these alternatives first. You'll be happy you did!

What do you eat to help relieve stress?

Seth P.