Tasty Thursday Sugar Cookies!

One of my favorite things to do the week before Christmas is to make and decorate sugar cookies with my nieces and nephew. Today, I got to do just that! Sugar cookies aren't my favorite dessert, but something about baking different festive shapes and frosting them with fun colors is one of my favorite pastimes during this season. Not only did I get to cut out some cookies today, but I got to spend some time decorating with my mom, dad, sister, two nieces and nephew, my fiancée and her nephew! Here's a glimpse of the fun.

We started off using this recipe for sugar cookies. When you are working with four and five year olds, you can't wait for the dough to harden, so we used a no chill recipe. After that, we rolled out the dough and began to cut the cookies out!

We all took turns chopping the dough up and making fun shapes, and when they were all cut up we threw them on the pan for cooking. We decided to keep the dough thicker so they would be chewy and not crispy.

After seven minutes of cooking, the sugar cookies were ready to be cooled and later frosted. We used a store bought frosting, and used some food coloring to make festive colors for decorating. Parker and Peyton did a splendid job of making several candy canes, snowmen and trees.

After a good solid 15 minutes, we were finished and the cookies were ready to be eaten! I even made a special one for Young and Free Maine.

Oh...and had a little fun catching dough balls in my mouth as well.

How do you decorate your sugar cookies?

Seth P.