Tasty Thursday: Travel Food

Some of you know that I have a passion for traveling around the country, and am working on going to all 50 states. I am currently at 42. This week I have the joy of being in Indiana until tomorrow with other Young and Free spokesters! One of the great things about travel is seeing places you have never been before. One of the hardest parts about traveling, especially while driving, is eating healthy and making sure you don't gain a ton of weight. I went on a road trip in 2008 around the country. I was in a car for a month, and before I left on my endeavor, I was fitted for a tuxedo. My best friend was getting married and that was the only time I was able to get my measurements. Well, a month on the road went by, and I ended up gaining 10 pounds. Thankfully, the pants had an adjustable waistline and I was able to fit into my suit. Still, since then, I have decided that eating healthy while traveling is quite important to your waistline. While I realize a trip to grab a burger is inevitable at times (especially if it's In-n-Out), here are some healthy foods to bring with you the next time you are on a trip.

Dried and Fresh Fruits

Dried fruits are a great snack to bring on trips. The don't bruise or go bad nearly as fast as fresh fruits, and if you add it to some granola, you've got the makings of a tasty and healthy trail mix. I personally am a big fan of dried bananas and apricots. I find that bananas have a nice nutty flavor when dried. I love apricots because they have a nice tang to them. On top of that, we used to call them old lady faces when we were younger. If you are going on a shorter trip, consider bringing some fresh fruit with you because they will have more vitamins and nutrients in them. Dried fruits tend to lose their vitamins.


I think pretzels are a great travel food because they are filling and low in fat. If you end up eating potato chips all the time, you'll consume mass amount of grease and put on the pounds before you know it. Pretzels come in many different forms and varieties. I enjoy the bigger pretzels because they are more dense and fill you up quicker. Bring some peanut butter with you and dip the pretzels in to add some extra taste to them. It has a nice sweet and salty contrast. Yes, the peanut butter is a bit more unhealthy, but if it's used in small amounts, it's okay.


While I am not a huge Twizzler fan, this is a great candy to bring along for a ride. They don't melt and they are very low in fat. Twizzlers also come in many different flavors and varieties (although I do not recommend getting the chocolate ones...if they make them anymore. Gross!).

Water/Sports Drinks

On my last road trip across the country, I traveled through the Nevada dessert and I did so without any air conditioning. I also made the trip in the middle of July, which meant we traveled in one of the hottest months of the year. The temperature was somewhere around 105 outside, and there was no relief in the car. Thankfully we hydrated with water and sports drinks and made the drive bearable. If you are traveling on a stretch of hot days, remember to hydrate a lot. Better to have to stop for multiple bathroom breaks then to get dehydrated in the middle of nowhere and get sick in the car. Water is great, but if you are sweating a lot, make sure you also get some sports drinks. It helps replenish your electrolytes and makes the trip much more pleasant. Take it from someone who has been dehydrated on trips. It's not pleasant.

Obviously there are tons of different foods you can bring on trips that I didn't mention. I've always said it's not a complete road trip unless someone buys some beef jerky to gnaw on. Sure it makes your breath reek, but it's oh so tasty. There are tons of options out there. These are just a few that I find make the trip a little more fun, and a little less fattening.

What are your favorite travel foods?

Seth P.