Tasty Thursdsay: Superbowl Treats!

Well, time has come yet again for the Superbowl! Unfortunately, my beloved Green Bay Packers did not make it this year. Thankfully, my second favorite team, the New England Patriots managed to make it back to the big dance. You can bet that I will be watching the game and consuming mass amounts of unhealthy food. I know...I wanted to make sure that Tasty Thursday was going for a healthier kick, but let's be honest. It's Superbowl Sunday and I think we are all allowed a bad day once in a while. Here are some tasty snacks I found that are ripe for the eating on Superbowl Sunday!

Potato Skins

You can pretend that these are healthy...but in reality these are just about as unhealthy as you could get, AND THEY ARE AWESOME! Who doesn't like eating a twice baked potato with scallions, bacon, butter and all the fixings? I know I do, and it is amazing. Here's a really simple recipe for potato skins. If you do want to make them a bit healthier, I would suggest using turkey bacon and perhaps skim milk, or greek yogurt for moisture. It will cut the calorie intake a bit.


Shout out to Michelle of Young and Free New Mexico because she LOVES this green stuff. If you are a fan of Mexican food, you'll enjoy a nice heaping slop of Guac for the big game. I eat mine with chips and salsa, or use it as a spread on sandwiches occasionally. People , according to my sister Casie, use way too many ingredients in making their homemade guacamole. Instead of adding a ton of ingredients, keep it simple! Here's a nice simple recipe to make some good guacamole.

Chicken Wings

This is pretty much a must for anyone who isn't a vegetarian. I don't remember a Superbowl party I've been to that didn't have some kind of wings there. There are so many tasty varieties that there is something out there for everyone! Here's some recipes for various wings. You're bound to find one that you enjoy. Try some Honey barbecue wings, traditional buffalo wings or some crunchy sesame wings for a nice Asian twist!

Black Bean Burger

I didn't forget about you vegetarians out there. While I am not someone who shies away from meat, I know that there will be vegetarians watching the game, and won't want to pig out on various meats. Here's a tasty recipe for black bean burgers.

So there you have it. Lots of tasty treats for the big game! GO PATS!

What do you eat while watching the Superbowl?

Seth P.