Thank You Isn’t Enough

This whole Young and Free experience has been surreal and amazing. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to showcase my writing and blogging in such a cool way.

The amount of support that I have received from my friends, family and complete strangers has been staggering. I have always loved meeting new people, and going to try new things—I just never thought that these people would go to any length to see my dreams come true.

To keep this from being too sappy and corny, I will say thank you, even though those two words can’t express the gratitude that I feel. Even if I don’t win, I had the opportunity to experience things that I would never been able to, and for that alone, I am completely happy. Meeting Kylie and Alex, I know that whoever is chosen, Young and Free will have a great Spokester. I’m nervous, and excited, and I have frogs jumping around in my stomach. I know that if I’m chosen, I will do everything in my power to be the best Spokester that I could be. 

So I will leave you, hopefully not for the last time, with my #4 favorite budget friendly activity:

On days like today, I’m feeling the need for change. I want to switch it up, and in my sassy mood, I decided it was time to change my hair color. Girly, yes. Small, absolutely. Worth the end result? Of course it was. Now, with my limited budget I can’t afford to go to a salon all the time. Having a friend in cosmetology school is one of the greatest things. For a fraction of the cost, I can walk out with a whole new look. So if you need that change, head to Empire Beauty School on Marginal Way in Portland. They also have another location in Waterville. Yes, they are students, but there are trained professionals steps away at all times. A normal salon would cost me around $100, but at Empire, I can get the works for around $30. A huge saver, and you can’t beat that new, fresh feeling that a new hairstyle can provide.

Thank you again,

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