The 30 Day $100: Cut Out Caffeine

Task 7:  Try it for one day, cut out the caffeine! Depending on what kind of caffeinated beverage you drink, you'll save about $2 - $3. Put that money in your jar instead! 

The Cost Of Habits

Every morning before work, I would stop in at Dunkin' Donuts for a deliciously large coffee, that would keep me going (for the remainder of the ride) and would keep me happy (for the next ten minutes while sipping the coffee). That is the ideal start to the day, right? Maybe not.

Starting the day at your favorite coffee shop, every day, can eventually cost you a small fortune. If every morning you picked up a Starbucks latte for $4, in one workweek you would pay $20. In one month, that's $80. In one year, that's $960...spent on coffee. 

Habits can be expensive. Luckily, there are alternatives, and ways to cut back on expensive (caffeine) habits. If you do need your daily dose of caffeine, here are some ideas to cut down the cost.

  • Make your coffee at home and bring it to go. 
  • Keurigs are more expensive than traditional coffee pots, but they also reduce waste.
  • If your work offers free coffee, take advantage! (If you dislike the taste, bring your own creamer/flavoring.)
  • When you do go out for coffee, go for cheaper options, and experiment with different flavoring.
  • Avoid more expensive options, like lattes and macchiatos. 
  • Water is refreshing, try replacing some of your caffeinated drinks with water!

 Share how you're reducing your caffeine bill @YoungFreeME on Instagram with the hashtag #TeamOwnIt. If you avoided your favorite coffee shop today, share your success! 

Take care!