The 30 Day $100: Pick Up A Shift

Task 12:  Pick up a shift. Is there something you can do this weekend to earn a few extra dollars? Yard work, baby-sitting, or taking on an extra shift?

My first "side" job was selling strawberries. I loathed it. I had to sit and man the station until the strawberries were completely gone. Sometimes, it would take only half a day, and other times, not. There were certain perks to it, like getting to sneak plump, juicy strawberries and enjoy them while no one was looking. Or, getting to read a book while the days were long and slow. 

But, the best thing about the job was that I received a nice payment at the end, and that encouraged me to continue working despite the boredom I felt at the strawberry station. A few extra dollars here and there may not seem like a lot. And it probably isn't. But if you pass up every opportunity to make money, you will be passing up money that could be added to your savings. 

With the 30 Day $100 Challenge, earning $100 in 30 days is the goal. So, to boost your savings and work up to it, pick up a weekend shift to save your $100.

Have a great weekend!