The 30 Day $100: Cash For Cans

Task 8:  If you recycle and collect your bottles, bring them in this weekend to get cash! 

One of my earliest memories of making money involves a lot of garbage bags and a lot of cans. In search of activities to keep my siblings and I entertained and out of mischief, my parents tasked us with managing the bottles. At this point in our lives, none of us were able to drive, so we had to sort, load, and unload the bags of bottles. In return, my siblings and I split the return money. I always thought my parents were passing up a good opportunity collect cash. 

Now, I see why my parents eagerly handed over this task, despite the fact that we each made a good chunk of change. The bottles were gross. Sometimes, un-rinsed bottles made it into the melee, and we became sticky with sodas and wet with water. However, this never stopped us from earning the few extra bucks.

Today, I continue to collect and return bottles. Although the ten extra dollars isn't as exciting as it was when I was a kid, it does help out, and it can add to your savings! 

Take a few hours this weekend to bring in your bottles, and add that extra cash to your savings! If you were successful, share it with me on Instagram @YoungFreeME #TeamOwnIt!

Have a great weekend,