The 30 Day $100: Rethink Your Phone Plan

Task 11:  Rethink your phone plan. Can you downsize? Get on a plan with someone else? Or, eliminate your data plan altogether?

The cell phone. Likely one of our largest dependencies, it tags along...everywhere. It's always in sight, always within reach, and always an expense. Think about the cost of your data plan and the cost of purchasing a new phone. 

It is a major expense, and some would argue that having a smartphone with a large data plan is a necessity. In reality, is it?

The cost of a data plan can range anywhere from $20 to $80 a month, or more. That can be almost $700 a year. And that's just the plan. The cost of a new smartphone can be upwards of $100, $200, or even $400. 

If you can't eliminate your cell phone (I think the land line days are over), think of ways you can cut back on the cell phone bill. Can you share your phone plan? Can you downsize your data plan? Can you eliminate your data plan? 

Alternatives to using a large data plan?

1. Take advantage of free Wifi (it's everywhere).

2. Get a TomTom for your car.

Thanks @YoungFreeRoyal for the great tips on cutting back on the phone plan. Share how you're saving money on Instagram with the hashtag #TeamOwnIt! 

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