The 30 Day $100: Sell An Item

Task 12:  Sell an item that you haven't used or have no real future use for. List it on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, or, sell it to a friend.

As difficult as it is to part with treasured belongings, you know it's time when you (1) forgot the item even existed, or (2) you have not used the item more than a few times.

I recently discovered that I have a collection of unworn/hardly worn shoes stashed at the bottom of my closet. While I was pleasantly surprised to discover them, I also realized that I had no need for them. The unworn pairs of shoes were literally taking up space and collecting dust. While it's nice to have stuff for the sake of having stuff, it's also nice to get rid of stuff for the sake of having space. 

Right now, I'm living in a fairly small living space. It's nice because I am saving money, but I am sacrificing storage room. In turn, I'm forced to pick and choose what items I really need to buy (and keep). The removal of clutter, and things that are simply taking up space in your life, can be freeing. By selling your stuff, you are adding value to someone else's life, while freeing your life from unwanted items.

Selling an item online

Selling an item can be as simple as setting up a PayPal account, and opening an account on a listing site. Be aware that there may be fees associated with listing, selling, and shipping the item, depending on where you choose to sell. Make sure listing online is worth your while before going at it. Consider the time and money it will take you to list, sell, and ship. 

Facebook now offers a new way to sell your products directly, it's called Shopify. If you have a craft that you want to sell, this is a good place to do it! 

Selling in person

Selling to a friend, family member, or co-worker may be the option of least-hassle for selling your unwanted item. Especially if you know the person, you may have an idea of what they want or need. This makes selling the item simple. Of course, if you have multiple items to sell, you can go big with a yard sale. To make it easier, ask a few friends to host it with you, and have them bring their stuff, too. Having a weekend yard sale is a good way to remove your house of a lot of clutter, and make some extra cash! 

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