The 30 Day $100: Slash The Grocery List

Task 9:  Slash the grocery list. If you can, pick 2 items on your grocery list that you don't absolutely need. Cross them off, and save the extra money instead!

Grocery Shopping Fails

We all buy a few things that we don't need every now and then. Going overboard on every shopping trip can get expensive. There are certain signs that go along with grocery shopping fails that can break the budget in an instant.


Shopping on an empty stomach makes everything in the store look good. Even if you're not a fan of oreo cookies, they end up in your cart because they belong in your stomach, not on the shelf. Hunger turns you into a insane and unstoppable shopper, scavenging the aisles for anything edible.

Then, you leave the store with an extra $50 worth of food that isn't going to look appetizing to you after you've devoured your box of oreo cookies. Shopping hungry is one sign of a shopping fail.


It's 5 p.m. and you're getting hungry for dinner. There is nothing good in the fridge, and you don't feel like cooking what's in the cabinet. Nothing looks appetizing. So, you decide to go to the store.

When you arrive, it's a magical shopping experience. You are inspired. You have a million ideas for delicious ingredients that will create wonderful meals, unlike the boring stuff at home. You pull colorful vegetables and fruits off of the shelves, you grab spices and sauces, then you go for some fancy cheese that accompanies your meal perfectly.

You leave the store with enough ingredients for ten meals, not to mention all of the stuff left untouched at home. A cartful of potential waste is what you are pushing to the checkout lane. Shopping without a plan, and going to the store when you don't truly need to, is another sign of a shopping fail. 


You arrive at the store, and you see the exact ingredients you want. There are items on sale, but who cares? You get exactly what you need, every time, whether it's on sale or not. 

Missing out on some sale items won't hurt you, but if you are constantly getting items that are not on sale only because you can't make a small sacrifice (like getting apples instead of the on sale pears), you will be missing out on some savings. Changing the game plan a little once you are at the store could benefit you. Instead of putting "grapes" on the shopping list, put "fruits." Then, you can get the fruits that are on sale that week.

Cutting out brand name items is another way you can cut back at the store. Can you really tell the difference between store brand and brand name pretzels, anyway? 

While a few dollars here and there doesn't seem like much, it does add up in the long run. So, another sign of a shopping fail is failing to get items on sale.

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