The 30 Day $100: The Impulse Buy

Task 6: What's the most recent impulse buy you had? Can you return the item? If so, do it, and save the money you otherwise would have regretted spending! 

Impulse buys are those decisions we make on a whim. They are the purchases we make without first thinking it through. It's the spur of the moment, last-minute, unplanned decision to buy.

The problem with impulse buys is that they can hurt us financially. 

Sometimes, it's possible to save yourself from the impulse buy. If the item is returnable, and you feel guilty for having spent cash that you may have needed for bills, it's probably a good idea to return it. Other times, it's not possible to get your money back. 

The 30 Day List

That's where the 30 day list comes in. If you see something in the store, or online, that catches your eye, don't buy it. Write it down on your 30 day list. If, at the end of thirty days you still want the thing, then buy it. If you've lost interest, chances are you would have regretted buying it in the first place. 

Today's challenge is to overcome the impulse buy. If you've had one recently, return it! If it is non-returnable, see if you can sell it to a friend, family member, or online.

Good luck with this task! Share what you're doing today to save money (if you're returning your item, share it!) on Instagram @YoungFreeME with the hashtag #TeamOwnIt

Take care!