The 30 Day $100: Use Cash

Task 4:  Use cash for your purchases this week. Approximate the amount you will need. Save the change you get! 

Using cash for everyday purchases is not as popular as it once was. Every time I need to make a purchase, I whip out my debit card, and sometimes get carried away. It's much easier to carry around a card than a bunch of bulky bills. It is also much easier to lose track.

The good thing about cash is you are limited to how much you can spend based on what you withdrew from your account. You are also forced to think about how much you are spending. So, let's try it.

This week, use cash for your purchases. Limit yourself. Take out only what you think you will need during the week. Then, every time you get change, add it into your savings jar (or whatever savings method you chose to use). 

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Take care!