The County

The County


After fourteen hours in the Green Machine, I am home again in Southern Maine. Though I have lived in Maine all of my life, I never really realized just how big Maine is and how little of it I’ve seen. This was my first visit to Aroostook County and I already am looking forward to my next visit. For those who’ve never heard of the County, it is Maine’s northernmost county, and is known for its potato crops and Acadian culture.

The County has some of the best views in the state. I drove past countless potato fields in full blossom, walked along the windy Aroostook River, saw a black bear and a moose at the same time and witnessed what might potentially be the most beautiful sunset I’ll ever see. Driving so far north created the opportunity for me to stop at six credit unions, and I had a great time doing it. I was able to get out of the car to stretch my legs and visit with the most welcoming people. 

I had the pleasure of visiting with Katahdin Federal Credit Union, Eastmill Federal Credit Union, University Credit Union, Nortstate Federal Credit Union and Acadia Federal Credit Union. I had the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful programs they have that help benefit younger members, and we talked about fun events coming up later in the year. I hope to venture north again soon, as there some exciting ideas and events coming up.

I teamed up with The County Federal Credit Union for the annual Potato Blossom Festival Parade. I followed some staff in the Green Machine as they handed out frozen treats, and I made sure to snack on a few of my own. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to watch the parade.

Having grown up on a farm, I was happy to watch the antique tractor pull after the parade. After the day’s festivities were over, I simply drove around the backroads of Aroostook County. Every hill or turn revealed a sight even more beautiful than the last. Both Presque Isle and Fort Fairfield were beautiful towns. I passed through Caribou and eventually ended up in St. Agatha, which is where I spent the night. I stayed at the Long Lake Motor Inn, and was very happy I chose to stay there. It was a small, family-owned inn with a nice view of Long Lake. Also, their continental breakfast saved me some money in the morning. I went out for dinner at Lakeview Restaurant, and was very happy with my meal. It was cheap, the portions were huge and the view of the lake below was spectacular.

This trip helped me realize that you don’t need to empty your savings when planning your next getaway. Sometimes the most peaceful and relaxing places are just a few hours out of your daily commute. I was able to drive all the way to The County on less than one tank of gas. That’s a lot cheaper than a plane ticket. Consider heading north when planning your next vacation. I can guarantee that it feels like an entirely new place, and that you’ll head home relaxed. Bring along a fishing pole for some free fun or rent a kayak for cheap.


Do any of you vacation in Vacationland? Where do you go? Let me know!


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