The Maine Lobster Fest and Lobster Fun Facts

The Maine Lobster Festival

From July 29th through August 2nd, Maine celebrates its famous seafood, at the annual Maine Lobster Festival! The festival will take place in Rockland's Harbor Park, and will feature fun activities including road races, a lobster crate race, a parade, a cooking contest, live entertainment, all in addition to plenty of lobster-eating, of course. 

The Maine Lobster Festival Board of Directors makes it all possible. The board works together to create a budget for upcoming festivals, and donates the remaining funds to local charities, including Midcoast Regional Child Development Services, Trekkers and Meals On Wheels. Enjoy some delicious Maine lobster, and support the community at this awesome festival!  

How Much do you know about lobster? 

True or False: A Maine brewer is making beer using lobster as an ingredient. 

The answer is true. It's one of those stories that is just too weird not to be true. Oxbow Brewing discovered a new way to enjoy beer and lobster, in one. The process still befuddles me, but it has to do with suspending the lobster in a kettle of boiling wort during the beer-brewing process. Article

True or False: Lobsters eat each other. 


The answer is true. They are cannibals, gross. They look for fresh food, and, when there is nothing else around, they will eat each other for dinner. 

True or False: They scream in pain when you cook them.


That one is false. The noise you hear is actually air being released from their stomachs after being out of the water for short periods of time. 

True or False:  They can regenerate limbs.

True. Sometimes it can take up to five years, but they can do it! 

True or False:  A 23 pound, 95 year old lobster is delivered to a man in Long Island.

Supposedly it's true, but I honestly don't know if I can believe that a lobster this big can exist! Article. 

Other Random Fun Facts About Lobster

They "smell" food with four small antennae on their heads, and the tiny sensing hairs on their bodies. 

Maine lobstermen have discovered blue, yellow, red, and white colored lobster. Despite being colored, they all turn red when cooked (except for the white albinos).

A lobster's teeth are in its stomach, where the food is chewed. 

Lobster blood is gray or slightly blue. 

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about lobster, and if you're interested in scoring some tickets to the lobster fest, comment below with your favorite lobster dish! 

Take care!