The Pomodoro Technique


Deadlines, projects, papers, emails, tasks. We face these things daily. But when the task list stretches on for miles, how do you tackle it when you only have one day? 

We are all human. We all get tired, and cannot go on working for hours on end. Luckily, time management techniques have been developed to help us get through these long work sessions. No, extra coffee won't always do.

The Pomodoro Technique is one such technique, and was designed to allow people to work in short bursts, instead of packing in hours upon hours of grueling work. These short bursts of 25 minutes are broken up by short 3 - 5 minute breaks, and then a longer 15 - 30 minute break after the fourth work period.

No need to fear! No expensive equipment or training supplies are needed. Use your phone as a free timer, and get productive with this time-efficient working method. See how it works in my video, and like or leave your comments if you found this video helpful!

I hope that you find a technique that works for you, and that you can use your time efficiently to be as productive as possible in your day!