Fresh & Fit Friday: The $20 Decision

I can remember many moments in my life, and most were far from ordinary. There were embarrassing moments, funny moments, crazy moments...I could go on.

But I'm going to share with you my experience at Six Flags, and the 20 dollar decision.

I was 18-ish years old. My family and I were at one of the most amusing amusement parks, and I was miserable. I remember literally chasing my brother around the park, because he was in such a hurry to get on all the rides. As I struggled to keep up, sweat pouring over my eyes, I couldn't see (making it even harder to keep pace). I was thirsty, and so over-heated that I was waiting for the moment when I would collapse. So, my memory of Six Flags was to say the least, awful, and wasn't over yet. 

I decided to stray from the rides because the lines were so long, and I couldn't stand to wait another hour for a five-minute thrill. My sister and I spotted a ride with no line at all. Could it be?! (P.s. there was a reason the line was so short). 

To ride the ride, we had to pay $20. I struggled to decide whether or not I wanted to be flung into the air inside a ball. After convincing myself that it would be worth it, I paid the 20 bucks and was strapped down, alongside my sister, in the Reverse Bungee ride. 

Here is what the ride is all about....(obviously the people in this video are not my sister and I. This video is a demonstration of the 2 minute terror we faced...) 

As I was sitting in that 'trustworthy' caged-ball, I was terrified. I spent $20 to endure the most horrifying experience of my life...who would do that?! As we waited for the ball to fling upward, I wanted nothing more than to escape. But it was too late for that, we were about to launch. 3, 2, 1...It happened so fast, one second we were safe on the ground, the next, we were soaring above all of Six Flags. We could see for miles around. It was AWESOME, and was the best $20 I could have spent all day.

Think about it...

What can you remember better? Experiences you have had, or the material items you have bought in your life?

Which one makes you happier? 

If you think about money spent on experiences, chances are, those memories stay with you more so than the memories of buying clothes, jewelry, or video games. 

There is a guy, Dr. Ryan Howell, who has studied the effect of spending money on experiences versus things. He discovered that people remember experiences they have had, more often than things they have purchased. Experiences make us happier - we can create memories that stay with us for a long time. Buying a new watch, or a new phone just doesn't have the same effect. 

So, if you're trying to decide what to spend money, whether it's between the latest iPhone or a fun skydiving trip, pick the experience over the material things! You will look back, and be happy you did! 

Take care,