There’s an App for That: Travel Edition

With Bucks for Break in full swing and spring break only a month away, now is the perfect time to look at ways to save money on your next getaway. The good news: you don’t have to look very far when looking for ways to save. Smartphone apps are helping take some cost and stress out of traveling. Here are five of my favorite travel apps that could help you for your next trip:



KAYAK truly does it all. Available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, this app helps you find the cheapest prices on flights, hotels and car rentals by comparing real-time offers on numerous websites. Being a one-stop-shop for so many useful features not only helps you save money, but time as well. And once you’ve booked your flight, you can track your flight information in real time. You no longer have to stare at airport monitors. 



Available and free on both Android and iPhone, this app is extremely helpful on road trips. Simply provide the app with your location, and it will tell you which nearby station has the cheapest gas prices. It’s so frustrating (and costly) when you fill up at a station, only to drive a few miles down the road to discover you could have saved five cents a gallon. GasBuddy makes sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Meal Ticket


After entering your location, this app allows you to search for restaurant coupons and special deals by area. Meal Ticket also provides you with user reviews of the restaurants with active coupons. The best part is that you don’t have to print anything! You can simply show the waiter the coupon right from your phone. The app only shows restaurants that don’t require a physical copy of the coupon. But sorry Android users – this app is only available on iPhone. However, Groupon is a similar app that is available to both Android and iOS users.


Uber will get you from one place to another for a price that is usually cheaper than a cab, and you don’t need to make any calls. Simply enter your current location and your desired destination into the app, which is available for both Android and iPhone. Uber will then send a driver if there is one available. You enter your credit card details into the app beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or even having your physical card on hand.


We can’t forget about Yelp. The website has been around since before smartphones even existed, but it’s transitioned into the world of apps quite well. You can search user submitted reviews for pretty much any business you can think of. Beyond the reviews, you can view prices, contact information and hours of operation. You can even search restaurants for average price per plate, which is great for groups dining on a budget.


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