Things I Learned in Nashville

Last week I was in Nashville for the Spokester Summit and Credit Union Water Cooler Symposium. It was a learning experience on so many levels. I could write for days about my experience in Music City with my Spokester buds, but here are the major things I took away from my four days in Tennessee.

The best way to be inspired is to surround yourself with new things

New people, new places, new food and new music will inspire new ideas. It’s inevitable. In Nashville I was surrounded by live country music, incredible barbeque and southern-style food, a vibrant cityscape and an amazing group of new people. Hearing the other spokesters and marketing professionals from across North America speak about their experiences in the field was enlightening and exciting. Many had faced the same issues I had faced, but approached them in very different ways. Every conversation I had, I walked away with an even brighter fire inside me, excited to continue my work as voice for the 18 to 25-crowd in Maine.

The way we handle our money is changing

While in Nashville for the Spokester Summit I was also able to attend a few sessions of the Credit Union Water Cooler Symposium. The Water Cooler is a big two-day meet up of credit union professionals from all over the country and Canada with featured presenters on a number of topics. One common theme emerged amongst all of the speakers: How we handle our money is changing. Whether it be finance apps, Internet-based financial institutions, or even the extinction of a classic checking account, it is very clear that over the next decade or two we will see major changes in the methods we use to spend and save our money. Exciting!

I borrowed this picture from Young & Free St. Louis. Thanks, Jenn!

Being a spokester is the best job in the world

I already knew this before I went to Nashville, but being there with Kelsey, Austin, Aly, Anthony and Jenn really hammered the point home for me. Being a spokester is the absolute coolest job for an 18 to 25 year old, ever. As spokester, we have a huge responsibility on our hands. We need to educate our peers on how to manage their finances and how credit unions can help them achieve their financial goals. At the same time, we spread the word using fun. We blog, we make videos, we hang out at events with other 25-and-unders. We have a team of supportive professionals behind us, making sure we have the tools to do the best job possible. To top it all off, we have the opportunity to travel to a new part of the country, experience new things, and meet amazing new people. You really can’t beat this job, guys. I still can’t believe the opportunity I’ve been given.

Enjoy your Monday holiday, everyone. Get inspired today!

Kylie K.