Things not to do at a Wedding

Yay for day two in our installments of wedding week! Today we are going to discuss some things you probably don't want to do at you or your friend's wedding. Yes, there is wedding etiquette. It's not a pleasant things doing something overly offensive. You should probably stay away from it! The lovely folks at The Knot compiled a list of ten ways you could potentially ruin a wedding. Here's a few that you should absolutely stay away from!

Wear White

The only person wearing white should be the bride! Sure, as a guy, a white shirt is probably acceptable, but don't show up in a white suit. Ladies...don't ever...NEVER...wear a white dress. You'll probably get decked by the bride. There are 364 (365 this year) other days you can wear that white dress. This should not be one of them.

Hook up With Anyone

Have you seen the movie, Wedding Crashers? Well, in theory it's a relatively funny movie. In reality though, it's going to land you in a heap of trouble. Your friend's wedding should be about them and their day. It should not be a place to try and find your future mate. I'm not saying don't go and have fun, but don't make it your soul purpose of the day to find someone. ENJOY THE DAY!

Get a Stain on the Bride

Do you have lipstick on? Are you drinking coffee? Do you have anything that could stain? Don't bring it anywhere near the bride! A big old stain on her dress will probably make her your worst enemy. Try not to spill anything on the lovely bride...or groom for that matter. Pictures are going to be taken, and a wine spill or coffee stain on the dress or tuxedo will probably land you with a punch in the face.

What are your Wedding no no's?

Seth P.