Things you may not Know About Amazon

Hey everyone! Happy Monday to you all. Hopefully your week has started off well and life is good. I'm in the process of moving this week, and Margaux and I will be Greene residents before next Sunday. The bad news is that Starbucks is a little ways away. The good news? I'll probably be saving a ton of money by not buying a daily coffee. It's a win win! Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Amazon is one of those sites that you can pretty much find anything that you need. It started off with books, and has expanded to essentially everything you could ever want. Margaux and I checked for various wedding items, and pretty much everything was there. While Amazon can be very useful, there are also some things that the site won't tell you. Fortunately for us, the lovely folks at compiled a list of 10 things that Amazon won't tell you. Here's a few that I found were helpful!

Don't believe all of the customer reviews

If you are looking for a completely unbiased review of an item on Amazon, you may not necessarily want to read the customer reviews and take them as factual  While most of them are accurate and indicative (your five cent word of the day) of how a product actually works, not everyone is completely honest. Take into account that you've never met the person who reviewed the item, and they could possibly have completely different tastes than you do in books, magazines, electronics or anything else you might be purchasing. Find a different source if it seems like there are varying opinions.

Free shipping may entice you to spend more

Amazon traditionally offers free shipping if you've spent 25 dollars or more. While it seems like a great bargain, it also leaves the chance for you to spend more money in order to hit that checkpoint. Think about this, you go online and buy a few books that you like and the total is 21 dollars. The site will remind you that if you spend just a little more, you'll get free shipping. Be careful! Sure, free shipping may be nice, but it may also cause you to spend more money than you had originally planned on.

Amazon hurts local business

Amazon has been linked to local businesses closing. It's sad, but due to the fact that Amazon is open 24/7 and have pretty good rates, it's caused lots of mom and pop stores to go under. Even Borders Book Store cited Amazon as one of the reasons they filed for bankruptcy. Often times, people will go into a bookstore, look at a book, and then go buy it on Amazon instead of purchasing it where they first found it. Yes, it does save you money often times, but it can also lead to local businesses getting the axe.

If you are an Amazon fan, you should check out the article. It's definitely an interesting read, and will open your eyes to a few things you probably hadn't considered before.

Do you buy from Amazon?

Seth P.